Welcome to Sleeping Beauty!

Welcome to Sleeping Beauty Guesthouse!
Sleeping Beauty offers a professional and informal service at the same time.
Located in the historic neighbourhood of San Giovanni, in the city centre, we offer an excellent combination of price and convenience: comfortable rooms for a pleasant and unforgettable stay in the most romantic and fascinating city in the world!
I am Giorgia, and I am ready to welcome you and let you discover all the secrets and hidden gems that Rome is hiding, giving you the ability to capture and keep with you a bit of its charm and beauty!
I love my city, and I will tell you where to find the most beautiful and impressive tourists attractions, museums and everything you shouldn’t miss.
If you love Italian food, I will recommend you where you can have authentic Roman dishes.
If you want to have fun, I will suggest you bars and clubs where you can experience the Roman night-life.
My objective is to support you during your stay in Rome, being able to enrich your journey, aiming to make it unique and unforgettable.
Feel free to contact me for any question at sleepingbeautyroma@gmail.com